Some Useful Tools for Coding


  1. kdiff可以用来比较文件和文件夹的不同,也可以集成到Mac的Terminal中。
  2. 相比于kdiffp4merge的界面更友好,也一样可以集成到Terminal中。唯一的不足是不能比较两个folder的不同。





也可以参照Installing multiple versions of Python on Mac using Homebrew。虽然说运行source ~/.bash_profile可以使配置生效,但是我这边还是没有办法切换成功。最后还是重启了Terminal才成功切换python版本。

Debugging Network



Network Link Conditioner

设置网络状态,比如Edge,3G,wifi等。设置界面: network_link_conditioner.png

Goagent for VPN

For Mac, refer to this post.

If you meet with httplib.BadStatusLine error while running python, refer here (tricky here, as the link need vpn to get):

  • 关闭谷歌账户的两部验证功能。
  • 并且到 这里 确认"不够安全的应用的访问权限"已启用。

Using Plugins for Xcode

[2020.05.22 Update]自从XCode 8.0开始,Apple就禁止了插件的使用。

Using Alcatraz to manage plugins in Xcode.

Some recommended plugins:

  • ColorSenseRainBow

    A plugin for Xcode that shows colours and allows you to modify them. It works for both UIColor and NSColor in Swift and Objective-C.

  • AutoHighlightSymbol

    Xcode can highlight instances of selected symbol, but what it does is to add dash lines under the instances, which is hard to be noticed.

    AutoHighlightSymbol is a plugin for Xcode, it adds background highlight color to those instances. It’s super useful while you’re tracing codes, especially when you want to figure out where a specific variable is used in a certain method.

  • Backlight-for_Xcode

    Highlights the current editing line in Xcode.

  • VVDocument-Xcode

    Use this plug-in for xcode to enable xcode support automatically adding comments to our code, using Javadoc style. With these comments, we can alt+click a used function to see some useful info.