Font Size in Html - Px, Em, Rem

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Three units of measurements to size the text in html files to discuss:

  1. px
  2. em
  3. rem

Sizing with px

px has some problems with IE of versions earlier then IE9 when changing text size with browser function.

Sizing with em

To solve the issue in IE, we can use em instead. See here for more details. The em way modifies the base font size on the body using a percentage.

However, there is a font size compounds problem for this em-based sizing. That is, if you set li { font-size:1.4em }, the li element inside another li element will become bigger. Guess[TODO]: the base font size is not on the body, it is on the li element outside.

Sizing with rem

The em unit is relative to the font-size of the parent, which causes the compounding issue. The rem unit is relative to the root—or the html—element. That means that we can define a single font size on the html element and define all rem units to be a percentage of that. (Comming from the reference)