Shortcut of Chrome on Windows and Mac

Use shortcut to improve productivity while using Chrome.

A full page is on Chrome helper:

I will list some common used ones here by myself.

Five star recommended:

Windows Mac Function
Ctrl + F Command + F open search toolbar
ESC ESC close search toolbar
Ctrl + W Command + W close a tab
Ctrl + T Command + T new a tab
Ctrl + click a link Command + click a link open the link in a new tab, but stay in original tab
Ctrl + Shift + click a link Command + Shift + click a link open the link in a new tab, and go to the new tab
Ctrl + Shift + T Command + Shift + T open last closed tab (10 at the most)
Ctrl + Tab Ctrl + Tab move to the next tab
Ctrl + Shift + Tab Ctrl + Shift+ Tab move to the previous tab
Backspace Backspace go to the last history page
Shift + Backspace Shift + Backspace go to the next history page
Space Space page down
Home Command + up arrow go to the start of the page
End Command + down arrow go to the end of the page

Four star recommended

Windows Mac Function
Ctrl + N Command + N new a window
Ctrl + 1 (to 8) Ctrl + 1 (to 8) go to the 1 (to 8) page
Ctrl + 9 Command + 9 go to the last tab
Ctrl + Shift + B Command + Shift + B open or close bookmarks bar
Ctrl + L Command + L highlight the URL